August 1, 2013

Liposuction: Principles and Practice

liposuction principlesIn its early days, liposuction was used primarily as a body contouring procedure, but its utility as a surgical procedure has evolved substantially in recent times to treat a number of other issues that patients face. Today, liposuction surgery may be used to treat patients struggling with obesity, gynecomastia, or macromastia. Issues such as axillary sweat hypersecretion, angiomas, and lipomas can also be successfully treated with the procedure. It’s essential to find a surgeon who is well trained, experienced, and skillful at performing this elective cosmetic procedure. Though new technologies have enhanced outcomes, a caring surgeon is the most important aspect of getting good results. The authors of this book have taken special care to include information about the both cosmetic and no-cosmetic surgical techniques and uses of liposuction for cosmetic and plastic surgeons.

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SmartLipo: Sculpting Your Body into a Better You

smartlipoInterested in SmartLipo? This eBook offers the inside scoop on SmartLipo: how it works, what it can do for you, and how it compares to other liposuction techniques. Gain a better understanding of the SmartLipo surgery, its history, as well as what to expect during the recovery period. Patients who are concerned about getting the best results possible can learn more about why SmartLipo is such an excellent choice for liposuction surgery.

This eBook is for prospective patients who are budget-conscious and interested in saving money as well as finding the best surgeon possible to perform their procedure. Learn how to interview surgeons to find the right one. Put together a recovery plan to glean the best results from your procedure. Enjoy your personal transformation from beginning to end and beyond. You deserve it!

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Grabb and Smith’s Plastic Surgery

grabb and smithUsing illustrations and photographs, this definitive guide takes readers through the broad spectrum of aesthetic and reconstructive surgical procedures. Grabb and Smith’s Plastic Surgery is for visual learners who benefit from seeing as well as reading new material. Featuring more than 1,900 photos and line drawings, the authors attempt to demonstrate visually the basics of plastic and reconstructive surgical techniques. This title walks readers through important challenges that are commonly encountered by plastic and cosmetic surgeons including topics such as implants and craniosynostosis syndromes. Subtleties associated with rhinoplasty, soft tissue and skeletal injuries, and other reconstructive issues are also covered.

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Stone’s Plastic Surgery Facts and Figures

Stones Plastic Surgery Facts and FiguresThis latest edition of Stone’s Plastic Surgery Facts and Figures keeps readers up-to-date with the most current information available. It’s been completely revised to meet the needs of modern practitioners. Taking the changes made in the FRCS Plastic Surgery Curriculum into consideration, the book utilizes the structures of the new curriculum as a template of organization. The entire scope of the plastic surgery profession is represented in the book in note form to help readers retain the information more readily. Improvements in the clarity and readability of the book have been made with the current expansion of the material which now includes clinical anatomy as well as technique and the fundamentals relevant to each topic covered in the text pertaining to plastic surgery. Designed to meet the needs of trainees at all levels, it is particularly helpful to examination candidates.

Plastic Surgery Facts

plastic surgery factsDesigned to help senior plastic surgery trainees prepare for their postgraduate exams in plastic surgery, this book is an important resource for trainees at all levels. As a core text, it can elucidate basic concepts during training. Written by the author in preparation for the FRCS Plastic Surgery examination, it brings together all the most relevant material (derived from actual preparatory notes) that are necessary for passing the test. Reviews of published articles and self-assessment sections round out the material in this book which is a must-read for any student of plastic surgery. All the fundamental principles of plastic surgery, including clinical anatomy and points of technique are included in the manual.

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Autologous Fat Transfer

autologous-fat-transferInternational experts in the field of autologous fat transfer have compiled the most important information relevant to fat transfer surgery into one place. By including a history of autologous fat transfer with a description of the various procedures utilizing this method on both the face and body, this book seeks to clarify the basics of the procedure for highly experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeons as well as general surgeons, otolaryngologists, ophthamalogists, and other sub-specialists who are interested in the use of autologous fat transfer in their own practice.  The evolution of autologous fat survival has been included in the text along with a discussion of medico-legal aspects, non-cosmetic applications of the procedure, possible complications, and pre-operative care basics.

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Textbook of Liposuction (Series in Cosemetic and Laser Therapy)

Textbook of liposuctionMany people know that liposuction is a powerful tool as a body contouring procedure, but few people realize the potential of this procedure in treatment other problems. Today, patients benefit from liposuction in numerous ways. Heart disease, diabetes, axillary sweat hypersecretion, lipomas, and angiomas can all be treated with this simple procedure. Gynecomastia and macromastia can also be effectively addressed through liposuction. Experienced surgeons with a caring touch can make a huge difference in the lives of liposuction patients. This book offers cosmetic and plastic surgeons with information relevant to both cosmetic and non-cosmetic liposuction uses. Though new technologies have been developed to enhance the results that are possible with liposuction, there is no substitute for a knowledgeable, caring physician who understands the subtleties of this important procedure.

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Atlas of Liposuction

atlas of liposuctionWhether you’re a prospective patient interested in understanding the ins and outs of liposuction or a surgeon looking for a resource to enhance understanding of liposuction procedures, this book is for you. Offering practical information about a variety of different liposuction procedures, this book features images that can help both patients and surgeons better understand the aesthetic possibilities of using this procedure. Featuring 800 photographs and in-depth descriptions regarding the pros and cons of different treatment options, the Atlas of Liposuction provides details that can enhance recovery and help both patients and surgeons avoid poor results. Includes sound advice regarding ultrasound-assisted and power-assisted liposuction techniques as well as controversial methods that have been attempted in the field.

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Safe Liposuction and Fat Transfer

Safe Liposuction and Fat TransferThe use of tumescent liposuction and fat transfer techniques has become more popular today as technologies have improved. Fat cells are being transferred with greater success. Liposuction has become more advanced with more positive results. As liposuction and fat transfer have grown in popularity, the methods used by plastic surgeons have become safer and more effective with more reliable outcomes. This book includes a discussion by thirty-five respected plastic surgeons regarding the safety and effectiveness of liposuction and fat transfer for prospective patients who wish to better understand the risks involved with the procedure. These surgeons take an anatomical approach to liposuction and offer important tips that all patients should consider before going under the knife.

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